Christmas with the Loarings!

Annika and Selena had a magical Christmas again this year!  They got a whole bunch of special presents from Santa and family.

We arrived home lunchtime today after a whirlwind five-day Christmas adventure.  Boxing day was spent, as always, here at BJAMS’ with my brother and Jenn, and my parents.  Christmas day was here as well with my parents.  Mom cooked the meal and I was her right-hand man, and Annika proudly showed papa all her new toys the entire day.  Boxing day morning we headed for the Cottage in Windsor where we spent three days with Grampy and Auntie Char.  Annika and Selena met some new playmates on Wednesday and even got to see the Windsor Fire Department during our visit too!

Time to settle down now, bring in the New Year here at BJAMS and await the exciting adventures of 2012!


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