Christmas season adventures…

Today, Annika got to go on another school field trip, to a Christmas Tree Farm!  The family-owned farm is opening their business for the first time this year.  They’ve been growing their trees for 10 years, and they are finally big enough to sell for Christmas.  They plant 2000 trees each spring!  The lady that runs this business also makes beautiful Christmas centerpieces and wreathes, and grows lavender and makes lavender soaps and bath beads.  There was such a wonderful warm-home-Christmas feeling there, I love it!  The kids had a lot of fun touring the fields of trees, and making their very own centerpieces!

 Photo03042 Photo03062

Practicing the “fake” tree cutting!


this is a tree shaker – gets all the loose needles, bugs and snow off the tree!  The lady to the left, Vicki, lives on and owns the farm with her husband.


Making her Christmas centerpiece beside her friend Charlotte.  Papa would be proud!  I told Annika that papa (my dad) used to work at a flower shop with his sister (my aunt Carole) when they were young (owned by their uncle).  My dad would make 100s of arrangements every year.  I even remember my dad making occasional Christmas arrangements when I was young!


Annika’s centerpiece!


Christmas carols and dancing!


Earlier in the week we had a Secret Santa play-date with Ari, Tessa, Brenna, Jamie, Lucas and Madison!  Annika’s present was a stencil kit and a “Max and Ruby” Christmas book!  (We were having so much fun that I forgot to take pictures!)

And….Uncle David and Aunt Jenn put their new Christmas tree up last weekend, so we went to have a look (they even had some presents under already!)


The pretty tree….and making a tornado mess of David and Jenn’s living room!


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