We officially completed our Christmas decorating this weekend!  Of course, a little earlier than planned, but I did want it up in time for Selena’s 1st birthday next Saturday.

This next week may be a bit of a trying week for our family.  We found out just last week that my dad has been diagnosed with marginal cell leukemia/lymphoma (very similar, and really a variant of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma).  We were prepared for the diagnosis as about a month and a half ago the doctors detected some abnormalities in his blood work that indicated possibly leukemia.  So, the confirmed diagnosis last week was not a surprise.  My dad will start chemo Tuesday morning, and follow-up with 5 more treatments every three weeks.  The oncologist indicated that there is a 90% response rate with this chemo regimen, so we’re all staying positive and are looking forward to a healthy dad next spring!  Some positive vibes, thoughts and prayers for my dad on Tuesday would mean a lot!

I will update periodically on how he’s doing.  We’re all looking very forward to the Christmas holidays in exactly SIX WEEKS!!!  The Christmas cheer put into our house this weekend has brought the spirit of “Santa Day” (in Annika’s terms) to life!!

 P1120916 P1120917 P1120926 P1120927 


P1120971 P1120977 P1120980

…complete with 800 lights!

and some pics of our walk on saturday


I’m so glad we’re able to use this jacket again!  It was my absolute favourite on Annika!  LOL


Annika loves to pull her sister

P1120965P1120951 P1120956

This is the new “Christmas tree park” in our second backyard!  I love it!


Christmas shopping with mommy!


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