Selena’s Early Birthday Celebration

We had an early celebration for Selena’s 1st birthday with Grampy and Auntie Char.  Selena loves food, so it wasn’t a surprise that she thoroughly enjoyed her first ever piece of cake!

P1120837 P1120781

Annika helped mommy make the cake

 P1120823 P1120824 P1120830  P1120834

Both sporting “Movember” moustaches

James wanted Grampy and auntie to surprise the girls with the Loaring’s “famous” Christmas Bear….I guess BJAMS is the new home for Christmas bear (it’s been at the cottage since James and Char were little), and now it’s the girls’ new climbing gym.

 P1120766 P1120768

James carrying Christmas Bear through the threshold

P1120774 P1120839

Maverick throwing a few punches and showing Christmas Bear who’s boss….

some auntie and grampy-time

P1120864     P1120809 P1120810

Selena’s pretty new sweater from auntie char

 P1120815 P1120817

We took the kids and grampy on a little hike through Starkey Loop

Puslinch-20111105-00479 IMG-20111105-00476  IMG-20111105-00481


and the girls had some “choo-choo” fun this morning on Selena’s new Silly Soft Pkolino Chair

   P1120845 P1120844


P1120886 P1120903 P1120897


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