Saturday, November 26, 2011

Our TO Trip

James and I could not have had a better 24 hours in TO!  We accomplished everything we wanted to.  We’re officially done all of our Christmas shopping.  I found the perfect place to do our “kid” shopping at every year (my excuse for a yearly TO getaway…)  The Fairmont Royal York has been on my “life-to-do” list, and I finally got to stay there!!  They treated us like royalty, it was great!  We ate at a cute little Italian-inspired restaurant called Paese, which is right down the street from our next destination “The Royal Alexandra Theatre” where we saw “Rain” perform their Beatles Tribute.  It was a great show!

Our Epic Restaurant breakfast this morning put our bellies to the max, so we had to walk it off and tour the area.  We found out there’s a CN Tower CityPASS that includes the 5 most famous attractions in the area that we’ll definitely bring the girls to next spring.

The girls had a great time with nana and papa, and even slept the whole night for them!  I guess I’m one of those crazy moms, but even being gone just one day feels weird to me…and I guess it’s the “mommy-guilt” that makes me always feel like whatever I’m doing, the kids should be a part of because they love seeing and doing new things….will the mommy-guilt ever go away???

All-in-all, a great day with my James!

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James’ Caesar Salad (Yum!) and baked Octopus (Yuck!)

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I have a thing for Christmas trees!  and it just so happened that Friday was the official Royal York Christmas Tree lighting ceremony.


The somewhat creepy halls of the Royal York..


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