24 Hours

I’m looking so forward to our one-night getaway in Toronto!  We leave tomorrow morning and are gone for 24 hours!  Doesn’t seem like much, but, for parents of two little ones, this is something that is very special and not easy to do.  Thankfully, Annika and Selena have the world’s best grandparents who are willing to undergo the rather exhausting, nonstop task of looking after both of our girls for us.

It will be neat to feel like “dating” again.  That seems like a world away, and should never be gone from a relationship….just hard to schedule in sometimes at this phase in our lives.  So, we’re taking full advantage of our 24 hours and jam-packing them with as much as possible.  I’m not listing the line-up, as I’m attempting to surprise James with at least something (which he has probably already figured out…..this whole trip was supposed to be one big birthday surprise for him, but as I said before, my detective-of-a-husband doesn’t usually let surprises slide by).

After this trip, James will have officially complied to my “Men in Black Alien Attack” win at Universal Studios in 2006 (this is a ride where each person shoots as many aliens as possible, with the winner at the end having the most points.)  I DESTROYED James in this game, and my side of the bet was for him to give me 24 hours of his undivided attention and time.  Believe it or not, I have not used this in 6 years!!  No computer, no phone, no life-line to the outside world – he’s all mine! :)


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