Our Walk

Today marks the 4th anniversary of James and I’s engagement.  I’m not sure I’ve ever told the story of our engagement, so I will today :)

It actually feels quite strange telling a story that doesn’t include our kids….although this one does include Mavie!

It was a typical weekday; after dinner we were planning a walk in the woods with Mavie.  At the time, we lived in our Vaughan Street townhouse, which backs onto Preservation Park, but sometimes we liked to drive to the other side of the park and start our walk there.  That day, we did just that.  We did our usual little loop, but that day, half way through our walk, James suddenly stopped, was acting a little strange, but I really didn’t think anything of it since, well, James is James (hehehe), and then he told me to look over at a tree and to follow him.  I did, and I saw some knife marks on the tree, and when I got closer, I realized it was actual carved letters – James had carved “B + J  4EVER”.  I thought it was really sweet, and was just about to ask him when he’d done that, when I turned around and he was down on his knee.  All I can remember after that is myself screaming, jumping up and down, Maverick freaking out and attempting to attack James (this is something Mavie does if someone around him gets excited or starts yelling).  I do remember some of what James said…something along the lines of “I recently spoke with your dad…..I love you very much…..I want to spend the rest of my life with you….”  I’m pretty sure he asked me the actual question, but amongst my freaking out, I’m not sure that he actually got the chance.

That day, James had make me a ring out of tinfoil :)  Yes, it sounds ridiculous, but he had ordered my ring, and I knew he had, and knew it was going to be a few weeks before it was ready, so this was James’ sweet way of giving me a surprise.  He does have a romantic side, that I absolutely love :)

So, there it is, our engagement story.  After things calmed down in the middle of the forest, we finished our walk, grabbed a bottle of champagne and celebrated with my parents.  James had actually asked for my dad’s blessing at my best-friend’s wedding three weeks earlier, so my mom was almost at her boiling point with regards to hiding the info from everyone she knew.  James said she emailed him on a daily basis to ask when he was going to pop the question!

One extra special touch to the “walk”, that I’ll never forget, is just as we entered the forest, out of nowhere, the sun spontaneously peaked out of the cloudy, dreary sky that we’d had the whole day.  Even though I had no idea what was to come in a few minutes, the peaceful feeling I got that second is something I’ve never felt before.  The sun stayed peaking out of the clouds until we stepped back into our car after our walk….James’ mom surely wanted to give us her support in an extra special way...

Today, of course, we walked our old loop, with the kids in tow, and found our tree!



4 years later….


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