Nana & Papa are Back!

Annika went to the airport with uncle Dave and aunt Jenn to pick up nana and papa Thursday night.  They travelled home after their 16-day European cruise and stay in Holten.  She helped make a pretty sign so they wouldn’t miss them when they got off the plane.  She even dressed up in her fairy outfit!


The next morning it was a practice run for Christmas morning….nana and papa bought Annika and Selena a whole bunch of really neat things from the different places they went to.

 P1120489 P1120496

Pretty dutch skirt, slippers and wooden shoes

P1120500 P1120527

Ballerina jewellery box


Very proudly wearing her new slippers and holding her jewellery box tight!


She keep her slippers on the entire day, and even wanted to sleep in them!


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