The day has finally come!


My dad’s one wish and hope has always been to visit his dad’s gravesite in Holten, The Netherlands.  That day came today.  To end my parent’s once-in-a-lifetime European trip, they met with the couple who keep my grandpa’s gravesite.  My dad and my aunt had been in contact with the the couple for quite some time, and they were excited to have my dad and mom stay with them for a couple of nights, and to show them the cemetery.

My dad’s dad died in WWII just two months after he was born, having never met each other, so this moment was very special for my dad.  I know he was filled with emotion, finally seeing the place where his dad lays.  I’m so happy he and my mom were able to have this day together and to have this memory forever.

This is a video my mom made of their visit.


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