Birthday Boy

The kids and I surprised James with some heart-shaped waffles this morning, and a new outfit :)  We ate like kings and queens and turf with T-bone steak, bacon-wrapped scallops, shrimp, potato focaccia dipped in “Elena’s” olive oli and balsamic, greek salad, cheese cake…and the list goes on, so I won’t bore everyone any longer ;)



I also surprised (at least attempted to surprise….James’ detective skills make it nearly impossible to surprise him with anything!) James with a one-night, kid-free (thanks to my parents!), getaway in Toronto at the end of November!

The fun, of course, really began once it was time for Annika and Selena to go frick-or-freeeeting (Annika’s version of trick-or-treat) with daddy, uncle David and Papa!!  I think it’s so special that James, for the next 12-or-so years, gets to always look forward to spending his birthday having fun with the kids :)  Who said trick-or-treating was only fun for kids?????!!!!!

 100_3428 100_3442 100_3462 100_3465


Our neighbours – Aiden with his daddy



100_3474 100_3482 100_3484


See the yellow orb just above Selena’s head?!  This is the first time I’ve seen an orb this big in one of my photos….call me crazy and roll your eyes, but, yes, I am a believer in the supernatural.  In fact, I have a passion for it, and find spiritual things very intriguing.  It’s something that’s always been a big interest of mine.  This was just a friendly spirit/energy dropping in to say hi :)   It’s funny, actually, I’ve been watching a new show about a Medium (def: someone who can communicate with spirits), and she was talking about orbs just last night.  So, there you have it!   (this orb is also sitting right on the spot of sidewalk where I carved “BJAMS”)(I don’t believe in coincidences!) :)

100_3490    P1120668 P1120680    P1120699 P1120707


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