Daily walk

Our daily walk has become quite the routine, and Annika and Mavie know right after lunch what time it is -Annika repeats “all set to go” until I have my shoes on and am opening the front door.  Walking the same route is a must.  First stop is the gazebo right next to uncle David and aunt Jenn’s future condo.


All set to go!


One of Annika’s favourite places to walk

P8050006 P8050011 P8050012

Mavie likes it too!


Annika likes to walk her baby doll around, and around, and around the gazebo, chasing mavie


…next stop is the near-future playground!  Looks like it will be ready to go in just a couple of weeks.


Soon-to-be playground


Background of park – going to say hi to the ducks

P8050036 P8050038

Similar to the backdrop of James and I’s future retirement home..


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