A Warrior Weekend


We managed to all become official “warriors” this weekend after accomplishing an extremely gruelling 5km obstacle course.  Jenny and I stuck together the whole way.  The obstacles were the easy part….the 650 meters of almost vertically straight-up hills were what nearly killed us.  It took all we had to put one foot in front of the other to get to the top of the “Double Black Diamond Skii run (aka- a skii hill designed only for experts…)


Annika sporting the warrior hat


One of the last obstacles before the fire logs and the chained barbwire mud pit finish shoot.

100_1408 100_1416

The warriors: L to R – David, Jenny, Alex, Janet, (selena snuck in the picture – but of course didn’t accompany me in the race….) me, James

100_1425 100_1427

James nearly killed himself…multiple times – he decided to wear his spikes – which ended up coming very close to breaking his ankle when he launched himself down the slippery “plunge” slope down one of the very steep descents – his spike caught the rubber, which sent him flying head-first, spinning sideways down the slope and smashing into the hard barrier at the end.  Luckily, just a few scrapes later and a sore ankle, he’s okay!


he refused to lose even one second by carefully going through the mud pit…he dove head first


Jenny and I….almost there…


Happy to be finished :)


Post race beer


…and gigantic turkey leg



and…..A very happy official 1st Birthday Wish goes out to my little cutie godson Jamie who got to spend his first birthday camping at Killbear!  Love you little guy ♥


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