The rock garden

Last year, soon after we moved in, James made a few trips (with the help of Ryan Neil and Ryan Power) to get rocks for our garden amongst the millions and millions of rock piles dug up from the ground in the area (there will never ever be a scarce supply of rocks in the city of Guelph).  He has been so proud of his massive rocks (in fact, if you’ve been to our house, James has almost certainly proudly shown you his rocks), and we were finally able to put them in their place.  This is where they live now :)



 P1100609 P1100610  P1100612 P1100615


 P1100620   P1100635


….we took a break to say hi to the “ducks”, and have some ice cream at the Boathouse.


Annika making friends…..she was so proud to get so close to them!


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