Backyard Garden

I couldn’t hold off any longer, so I spent the past few days digging and planting with my dad.  What a huge help he was!  This is the finished product….


The two cedars were complements of my dad :)


The rock under this “weeping Cypress” is what my dad dug into a foot deep….what should have taken about 10 minutes to dig and plant, took about an hour.  We were finally able to pry the rock out with our neighbour’s crowbar!


P1100560  P1100571  P1100583

Annika helped dig with her new princess garden spade from our friend at the nursery


James helped dig for the Magnolia tree



These “Invincibelle Spirit Hydrangeas” were a perfect fit beside the magnolia tree – they bloom mid summer -which is when the last blooms appear on the Magnolia – so we will keep Nana Loaring’s spirit alive the whole summer with pretty pink flowers.  Ironically, part of the proceeds from these hydrangea’s go to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.  A perfect tribute to a special lady, right in our backyard :)



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