Thursday, July 28, 2011


I was never able to truly appreciate rain until I found my love for gardening this year…we’ve had about seven straight weeks of no rain, and last night mother nature decided to finally give our garden the rain it’s been craving :)

P1100820 P1100795. P1100802 P1100803 P1100811.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Emma’s 1st Birthday Weekend

Emma’s 1!  Her parents and grandparents threw her a big butterfly birthday bash.  Annika and Selena had lots of fun - Annika especially can’t wait for daddy to bring her to Emma’s house to play with all of her new toys!

Unfortunately, my camera’s battery power vanished into thin air mid-party, so I was only able to get a few pics…none of little Emma playing with her homemade cake….but here are the pics that I did get :P


Emma’s mommy made the butterfly cookies and both of the cakes!


Annika and Selena meeting their new friend Carisa

P1100743 P1100748

The birthday girl with her mommy after waking up from her nap


Annika and Lennon


One of the many attempts to get all the kids to pose for a picture… (notice the twins were listening!)


This ended up being the one and only picture of all the kids in one shot…

 P1100770 P1100775 P1100776

Playing with uncle Anthony

P1100785 P1100786



Getting ready to eat her cake!


..Before the party, we made a pit-stop in Sarnia to watch some of James’ athletes race, and Annika took advantage of the playground nearby and took a dip in the lake and started her very own rock collection!



Coach James and Nissim





…Sunday we took a breather in the morning before we all went to the Colchester harbour to play at the new splash pad and swim in the lake.  My camera was out of commission, but will add some of auntie Char’s pics when I see them.

…and here are a couple of auntie Char’s pics of the birthday girl and her cake :D 


 198819_10150716877745048_667135047_19688904_1446080_n Not quite sure about the sticky icing… 


but licked her fingers a bit and let all her friends have a bite instead :D


Thursday, July 21, 2011

Mavie’s New Room

Since Mavie has been the best big brother doggy in the whole world, I thought I’d buy him a present and something he’s definitely needed since his sisters came along….Mavie has been unable to have a fully restful sleep, having one eye always open, during the day for the past 2.5 years due to the possibility of Annika and Selena stepping, falling or dropping something on him.  Sooooo, when I saw this, I knew it was perfect and Mavie would truly appreciate it.  He now has his very own room to sleep in, right next to mommy’s desk :)


Happy Mavie!

Photo01992 Photo02022

Peacefully sleeping, and loving every second!

Monday, July 18, 2011

The rock garden

Last year, soon after we moved in, James made a few trips (with the help of Ryan Neil and Ryan Power) to get rocks for our garden amongst the millions and millions of rock piles dug up from the ground in the area (there will never ever be a scarce supply of rocks in the city of Guelph).  He has been so proud of his massive rocks (in fact, if you’ve been to our house, James has almost certainly proudly shown you his rocks), and we were finally able to put them in their place.  This is where they live now :)



 P1100609 P1100610  P1100612 P1100615


 P1100620   P1100635


….we took a break to say hi to the “ducks”, and have some ice cream at the Boathouse.


Annika making friends…..she was so proud to get so close to them!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Fun in the Sun and recent random pics


Miro and the girls


Ian and Annie with their new helmets

 P1100562 P1100567  P1100585

Reading her book on the hill and upset that the “bees” are bugging her…


Watching mommy garden


Italian Festival in Guelph

IMG-20110710-00264 IMG-20110710-00257  IMG-20110710-00262 IMG-20110710-00263

Girls’ first time on a Ferris wheel