Run Under the Sun weekend

The run was a very successful event today! Not exactly what the title implies - with rain, wind and chilly conditions, but despite the weather, it was a lot of fun.  It was my first time running with Selena (who fell asleep almost right away), and now just to get into better running form and crack the 6 min/km mark….haha…oh boy!  6:45 km’s are just not going to cut it!  It feels funny running at that speed and not being able to go much faster, a little frustrating, but I guess that’s what happens after giving birth, twice!

I’m looking forward to a lot more Loaring runs, hopefully some in Guelph and the surrounding area…maybe next year!  My next run is with my bestie Steph on June 5 at Guelph Lake.  The weather will surely be better and I might just feel like I’m actually running…not loping…

Here are some pics from the weekend!


Laughing at papa…


…..because he was yelling/tailgating the slow driver in the fast lane


mom attempting to calm dad down LOL

  100_0558 100_0562 100_0579 100_0583 100_0586 100_0592

Smelling the flowers

100_0594 100_0614  100_0617 100_0624 100_0627.

The same Magnolia tree that we’ll be planting in our backyard this year

100_0628 100_0631

Bedtime story with nana and papa


Race director daddy


The pretty new finish line


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exhausted after running 5k with nana


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