Saturday, May 21, 2011

Long Weekend kick-off

Had a great kick-off to the long weekend. Steph and I had a practice run of our 5k at Guelph Lake - then we headed back to BJAMS, had some snacks and then a BBQ with Steph, Ryan and Jamie; and Jenny, David and the kids. Here is a picture/video collage of the evening...

We’re celebrating “Elena Day” today.  In Greece, they not only celebrate birthdays, but also name days.  I found out today that “John Day” is January 7, and “James Day” is October 26.  Sooooo, two more days to celebrate in the year.  I couldn’t find Breanne, Annika, Selena or Mavie Day, so I guess we only get a birthday.  Nana Elena is definitely looking down on us today… giving us some really gorgeous weather to enjoy this weekend!

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