Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Backyard fun and 3 Years!

We couldn’t have asked for a better day to celebrate our 3rd wedding anniversary!  James is taking me to The Other Brothers Restaurant here in Guelph – and we’ll be chowing down on the fondue dinner for two.  This is one of the more upscale restaurants in Guelph, so it’s an extra special treat that I’m looking so forward to!  Pics to follow ;)  James and I get a night off, so Annika and Selena get to have some nana and papa time tonight!

James brought home flowers – my favourite flowers! - after picking Annika up from school.  What a sweetheart - he knows me well….

 P1090840 P1090841


AND….we finally got our grass yesterday.  After looking at a construction-zone-of-a backyard for nine months, it’s amazing to look out our backdoor and see green!  Can’t wait for the landscaping to begin, and make James’ mom proud :)

Here are some pics of BJAMS excitedly seeing grass in our backyard for the first time!









P5260029  P5260035

I guess Selena wasn’t as impressed as the rest of us…

 P5260041 P5260045


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