weekend recap

BJAMS’ is home safe and sound after a busy but very fun weekend.  Selena was a little angel during her first long road trip.  She slept most of the way, and was happy to play with her toys or just stare out the window.  Here she is comfy as can be!

selena in carseast

Athletica Fashionista was a great night, sold out (400 people).  The fashion show was awesome…looking forward to seeing the video since I missed most of it as Selena woke up and wasn’t feeling the music so much!  I managed not to fall or make a fool of myself when it was Ryan and I’s turn.  We rehearsed our walk a few times and all went well.  It was James’ first time displaying his new LPC tent, and it looked great!


…and the room looked awesome!


Char was the fantastic MC of the night


Selena enjoying her Grampy-time


I didn’t leave Char’s place Saturday…Selena was catching up on sleep the whole day, and I was happy to lounge around and enjoy some drinks in the evening with everyone!



Selena and her God-daddy


Finally some chill-time for Char after a crazy couple of weeks…


beating the boys….




and, click on this link to see what Annika was up to this weekend with nana and papa!



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