Getting ready…

Because I am half British, and my mom is a native Brit (immigrated to Canada when she was 2), we have to gear up and be ready for theeeeee Royal Wedding!  My mom is coming over to watch the coverage with me tomorrow morning at 4:30.  She’s bringing authentic English Breakfast tea, and crumpets (of course!), along with strawberries and we’re making real whipped cream.  I bought some English muffins and my Grandma Huddy’s favourite cookies (so we can feel like she’s a part of it too!)  James is even getting up to watch with us…at least for the first half an hour before he leaves for Windsor to get ready for the Run Under the Sun this Sunday.

The preparations for the Royal Wedding started tonight with Annika learning how to drink from a proper tea cup, and Selena sporting a pretty dress and hat.

P1090464 P1090472 P1090447 P1090448 P1090459

My grandma Huddy would be proud – she gave me these china tea cups, and those cookies were her favourite – in fact, one of the last things she ever ate!


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