our walk…

kind of blurry pics… I think the neighbours thought I was going to topple over.…I love the contraption annika is in, lots of hikes and walks this spring/summer!  Selena is strapped onto me in her baby wrap.

P3020008 P3020006


….AND….Selena giggled and laughed for the very first time on Saturday…cutest little thing ever! :)  will try to get video soon


  1. These pictures take me back to when you and David were small and me taking you on the bike to visit your Mom or Grandma, now all you have to do is find somehow to get Mavie a spot.

  2. How did you ever get that contraption on your back with Annika in it and then strap on Selena?? It reminds of dad when you and David were babies on the bike, David on the back of the bike in a seat, you in the snuggly on his chest and Cher in the basket and he rode his bike from one end of London to the other to see me at University Hospital where I was working at the time!


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