March 14th…

What a day yesterday turned out to be….

2:00pm – Put Annika down for a nap in my bedroom (something that hardly ever happens, but thought I would give her a “special” nap in mommy’s room)

3:10pm – I check to see if Annika is sleeping and see her sitting up.  When I look closer, I see a pill bottle…opened….pills everywhere on bed (heart immediately goes to throat and heart rate sky rockets).  It’s the iron pills that we have in our ensuite bathroom.  Annika had very quietly snuck into the bathroom, opened the drawer and found them – and somehow magically figured out how to unlock the “child-lock cap”.  I opened Annika’s mouth and could see that she had chewed at least one pill.

3:15pm – In my panic state I call James to see if he can remember how many pills he had used from the bottle (I found only 60 pills out of 100).  He wasn’t sure.  He had me call 911 (my very first time ever dialing 911).  Operator immediately answers and dispatches an ambulance.  Trying to stay calm, I answered all of the questions…somehow remembering my address and which intersection was closest (this is very difficult when in a panic state-I felt like I was seconds away from having full blown amnesia…)  I called my bestie and she and her husband Ryan were on their way over immediately.

3:18pm – Ambulance arrives and paramedics immediately hook Annika up to their “machine” to check her vitals.  All was okay, and Annika was still acting completely normal (thank God!).

3:20pm – My amazingly awesome best friend arrives with her husband Ryan and baby Jamie to take care of and feed Selena while we headed to the hospital (thank goodness I have been stashing away a milk supply over the past four months)

3:21pm – Annika gets a little panicked when getting into the ambulance, squeezing mommy’s fingers harder than she ever has.  But, once moving and the ambulance bouncing around from the rough road on Victoria, she thinks she is on a rollercoaster and is having a great time.

3:30pm – We arrive at hospital, get registered and are to wait in the waiting room until further notice.

3:35pm -  Called back in by nurse who informs us that Poison Control was contacted and they advise an abdominal x-ray (to identify any pills that may be in the stomach), and blood work (to check iron level).

3:45pm – Annika has her x-ray, with mommy never leaving her side, and doesn’t mind at all.  In fact, is loving the attention.

4:00pm – Doctor reviews x-rays results and gives us the good news that there are no pills seen in her stomach.  Now to wait for the blood work results…

4:30pm – Blood work is drawn – Annika continues to be very brave and doesn’t even flinch with the needle.

6:00pm – Doctor advises us that her iron levels are, in fact, elevated at 70 (normal range is 17).  We have to get another round of blood work taken at 9pm. (iron levels will have peaked within 6 hours of ingesting the pills, so levels should be dropping by 9pm).

8:00 – 9:00pm – Annika is still feeling her usual happy-go-lucky self, and enjoying the books and stickers that the nice nurse gave her.  Steph is giving me updates on the “Bachelor”, and blood work tech arrives just before 9pm.  Has trouble trouble finding vein in Annika’s arm and Annika is in agony, but stays completely still and shows her truly tough side!

10:10pm – Doc advises us that her iron levels are dropping!  We can go home!!!!!  Her levels dropped to 55 in three hours, which was a very good sign.  We are to keep a close eye on her and bring her back if anything seems abnormal with her behaviour.

10:20 – Ryan arrives at ER doors to pick us up.  Annika falls asleep in car.

10:30 – Annika is in bed, mommy is pumping because she wasn’t able to feed Selena since 1pm.  Daddy, nana and papa and uncle David are all reassured that everything is ok!

11:30 – Trying to fall asleep after an extremely stressful and exhausting afternoon and evening….


I really don’t know what I would have done without my bestie Steph and her husband Ryan yesterday.  They were amazingly helpful and helped me stay sane amongst the chaos.  They took great care of Selena and Mavie, and I am so very, very thankful!!!!!!

I’m so relieved that Annika is okay, and evidently would have only swallowed one or two pills.  We learned a very valuable lesson yesterday…never underestimate the brains and capability of a 2.5-year-old – never leave pills or anything hazardous in draws or cupboards that are within reach of a 2.5-year-old (even if they have child protection caps) – if you change your routine, double check to make sure that things are child-proofed.

Ironically – last year on March 14th, Annika was diagnosed with bronchitis and we spent some time at an Urgent Care facility in Florida.  March 14th seems not be a lucky day for us!  The Ides of March are upon us…

Photo00812 Photo00672

Mommy and Annika at the hospital


Coming into mommy’s room this morning to cuddle with her baby sissy and her new bear that the friendly paramedics gave her.


Tired after a big day at the hospital….


  1. The 14th is a bad day for us too...well good and bad i guess. My mom was born on April 14th, My sister Mar 14th, my younger sis died on Dec. 14th and my grandfather died on Sept 14th..strange, glad your daughter is fine.


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