My poor bestest had a mouse invasion yesterday...she was all by herself and freaking out (I would have too....I don't deal well with rodants or spiders!) I told her instead of standing on a chair all day to make a baricade, since she knew the mouse was in her front room. This is what she came up with....pretty good if you ask me!
The cats gave her a pretty good indication of where the mouse was throughout the day...

Steph and I had made plans a week ago to go out last night to a great little restaurant/bar called Atmosphere. We both needed some girl-time and a drink...or two; the weather decided to turn for the worst (out of nowhere!) and we got about a foot of snow, but didn't let that stop me from hanging with my bestest!

Daddy, the girls and mavie while mommy was out

Annika helping her baby sissy Selena got a clean bill of health from the doctor. She's maintained her 50th percentile for height and weight, now weighing 13lb 8oz and is almost 24 inches long. Like her big sister, she's already showing her tough side and barely flinched for her needles!


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