Daddy’s home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s been probably the longest, most exhausting two weeks of my life!  James has been in Florida for his annual LPC triathlon camp.  This year I decided to stay home because of the kids – with Selena still nursing, it makes road trips, or a flight, with Annika in tow too, quite difficult, especially traveling by myself.  James had the trailer packed to the rim, and drove down with Ryan Power.  The camp was a huge success and a lot of fun, as always.  I’m looking very forward to going next year, and might for the first time actually participate in some of the workouts!….I won’t be pregnant or nursing or have an infant to take care of…I don’t really know what life without at least one of those three things feels like anymore…. :)

Needless to say, Annika was overjoyed to see her daddy last night…couldn’t fall asleep, and had to be tucked in with the soccer ball that daddy got for her.  She’s been as hyper as can be today and is soooooo very happy to have her daddy home!  Selena, of course, is all smiles too!!  Happy family!!!


Last night sleeping with her soccer ball “prize” from daddy


Eagerly anticipating daddy’s arrival last night


Sporting my first ever Lululemon pants from my amazing Jamsie ♥


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