It’s my birthday…

After a not-so-great sleep, with Selena waking up at 2am, instead of her usual 4am, this morning I was greeted with two smiling little girls – which is the best gift any mommy could ask for!

My brother was the first call of the day :)  This is the one and only day we are officially the same age.  His birthday is tomorrow.  We’re creeping pretty close to 30…I can’t believe it.  I remember wondering as a kid what it would feel like to be 30, and what I would look like.  I always pictured myself as looking really different, with wrinkles….HAHA!!  I have a few wrinkles….I look a little different than I did as a kid….but I feel exactly the same.  I always pictured myself married with kids by 30, and I was bang on with that one!  I’m a lucky girl :)

I took the girls and Mavie out for a walk this morning.  I’m really not a fan of the cold, but the sun was out and there was very little wind, which made for a great walk.

Looking forward to seeing my bestie this afternoon and enjoying Pizza Hut’s yummy Cheesy Bites pizza with Jenny and Steph!


On our walk

P2160006 P2160007 P2160009

David’s new condo behind our house….move-in is October


Second floor – I think this is David’s windows



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