birthday post #2 and Family Day!

We celebrated Family Day and my birthday all in one, since James was in Windsor on Sunday for my actual birthday.  We went to Milestones with Steph and Ryan and the girls.  We all ended up taking advantage of the “girls night” special….which is four bellini’s and four appetizers for $40.  YUMMY!  Steph and I are going to live at Milestones on Mondays in the summer.  They have an awesome patio with fireplace that I can see us sitting at every week :)

We then came back to BJAMS’ house to watch the Bachelor….all I can say is I’ve never enjoyed watching that so show so much LOL!  This is the post Steph left me on Facebook this morning.  !  “....he leans forward, confused expression on his face scratching his head with one finger he muses, "I'm a weird guy". why yes, brad womack (spelling?) you are indeed! Now stop letting the girls you date advertise their funeral parlor during your show! AND who can forget the wallpaper? I mean painting! haha.”

That pretty much sums up the evening.  We definitely had a really good laugh watching it.  James and Ryan had to get their “masculinity” fill by playing a game of Risk before….considering they took park in “girls night” at Milestones, and then “Bachelor” back at BJAMS!  LOL  Such good sports, and that’s why we love them so much!!


Happy Birthday mommy!





enjoying his bellini…look closely…notice the purple stiletto on the drink ;)


My bro’s birthday card for me….kinda close to my actual age….

 P2160022 P2160025

comforting Selena


mommy and Annika on her birthday


best attempt at group photo


cuddling godmommy


Jenny and I before her migraine hit


wearing her pretty hair clip just for mommy’s birthday


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