So big!

Our beautiful little baby girl is growing so big, so fast….11 lb 5oz – She’s gained 4 whole pounds since she was born!  Much different than little Annika, who at 2 months weighed a mere 8 lb 11oz.  Selena got a clean bill of health today, she’s “perfect”, a direct quote from our doctor!  Poor little girl had to get her first round of vaccinations today :(  She’s already showing her “tough” side by barely crying after both needles!  Selena’s godmommy, Connie, must have given us some good luck when we ran into her on our way into the office!

And, Selena decided to give mommy and daddy a 2-month present – She slept 7 hours straight last night!  I had to strain my eyes looking at the clock this morning, as I didn’t believe what I was seeing when I saw 6:00am.  Like clockwork, she’s always woken up around 3am to have a little midnight snack, but could it be possible she’s already outgrowing that??!!


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