I love to see Annika interacting and loving her little sister so much!  They’ll be best-friends their whole lives, and seeing the love that Annika has for her sister already…at only 2 years old….is so special and really neat to see.  I can’t say it enough, I am the luckiest girl in the world to have what I have.  It’s all the little things that add up to create the perfectness of life….like the smiles Selena is giving me while I type this, and Annika dancing beside her to the music on the TV.  Those are the things that make me realize how special and simple life is!

P1080009 P1070006 

Playing with bear and taking self portraits with sissy

P1070435 P1070548

Cleaning sissy’s face


Cuddles for little sissy




So, us BJAMS always seem to get ourselves into such shenanigans….a simple diner with friends last night turned into a ridiculous mess.  James has become obsessed with this new deal-a-day website called WagJag, and we had two coupons from WagJag for the restaurant we went to last night.  James somehow mistakenly printed off two of the same coupon, so the restaurant of course would only honour one.  We wanted to use two coupons, since the restaurant allows two to be used at one visit.  James was okay with using just the one, but it was Miro and I who were the persist ones, wanting to make use of the second if we could find a way.  So, long story short….after a ridiculously long meal with our poor waitress running back and forth from her manager to us, James ended up in the restaurant’s manager’s office logging into his WagJag account and printing off the coupon.  I’m positive that they thought we were crazy…the restaurant was probably the busiest it had ever been that night, and of course we had to create the scene that we did….anyway, it was a great meal….besides the long delay for Ryan’s meal, Selena projectile pucking all over the seat and dessert menu, and then Annika spilling her chocolate milk all over herself.  Restaurant visits have become almost a nightmare….I guess that’s what a coupon-crazy husband, a 2-year-old and a new born will do to the simple act of eating out!

 P1110010 P1110013

James’ ridiculously large rack of ribs…and Ryan waiting for his meal


Sleepy Emma with her daddy


Ryan’s tree bark-looking fish


Laughing at the forearm-sized fish


Crying over spilled chocolate milk…


Attempting to E-mail the WagJag coupon to the restaurant manager….which evidently failed… I figured I could do 1 of 2 things..curl up in a ball and pretend like I wasn’t there, or just sit there and laugh.


Coleen keeping her cool amongst the craziness


Testing the camera after it had smashed to the floor for the second time…happily, it still works!


And finally….some cute pics of the girls working with daddy this week…


On daddy’s office chaise






oh, and one last thing… Annika is officially potty-trained!!!!!!!!  So proud of our little girl!


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