Nana and Papa

Nana and papa (what Annika is calling grandma and grandpa right now) just got back from a week-long vacation in Florida – a little pre-vacation before their six-week “snowbird” getaway in February/March.  Of course, Annika and Selena got completely spoiled with a whole bunch of awesome “prises”.


All purchased, of course, at mom and I’s favourite store “Kohls”.  It’s a blessing we don’t have Kohls’ stores in Canada….James and I would go bankrupt…


Excited to sleep in her new jammies!



Cuddling with her new Kai Lan doll


When Mavie was just a puppy, my mom bought him a Garfield toy.  He fell in love with this toy, but eventually he ended up tearing it apart to the point where I had to throw it out.  I felt so bad throwing it away because I knew how much Mavie loved his Garfield.  He’s never liked a dog toy as much, and mom and I had been searching everywhere for over two years for a replacement Garfield for poor sad Mavie.  Guess what!  Mom found one in Florida!!!!!!  Mavie was so excited.  I can’t believe he remembered his Garfield toy after all this time!


Happy Mavie with his best-friend Garfield


Keeping Garfield safe and warm :)


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