Early Christmas preparation…

I decided to be extremely proactive with the Christmas decorations, or “props” as James would call them, this year.  I got a sudden urge last night while James was out.  I didn’t want to wait too long in case Little Loaring decides to make her appearance a little early….I figured it would be easier to do it before the lack of sleep comes with our little one!

Some may call it the motherly instinct of “nesting” – definition: an uncontrollable urge to clean and organize your house before baby arrives.  Mine apparently came in the form of Christmas decor!

Below are some pics and a video of Annika rockin out with Santa!  I think she may have the Christmas gene that my dad passed down to me!

some pics of Annika rockin out!…



 PB020098  PB020101  PB030105

Annika did the window decor all by herself!

PB030106 PB030107  PB030109 PB030110


PB030111       PB030119 PB030120  PB030122 




We’re definitely feeling the Christmas love in this household!  I love it!!


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