Which costume????

Last year at the annual “girls weekend” in Pennsylvania, my aunt Pat bought Mavie a few Halloween costumes…Maverick likes all of them :D….but I can only choose one!



Our little prisoner….suites his name pretty well!

PA180247 PA180250

Not feelin the ladybug…too girly I guess..

 PA180259 PA180261

The pumpkin suite was adorable

 PA180264 PA180265 PA180269

The rooster costume was too cute, but blended in too much

PA180270 PA180271

The devil costume was a little big….but also suites his name pretty well

PA180272 PA180274

Annika’s favourite was the pumpkin and she wanted to test it out herself


And the winner is…..a tie….Prisoner or pumpkin…if Annika will share :D  Stay tuned for Annika’s awesomely cute costume this year!  She can’t wait to go trick-or-treating with her daddy!


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