Friday, September 10, 2010

Evie’s bridal shower

Evie’s shower was a lot of fun!  Toilet paper bride, of course, was a hit, and seeing Evie get dressed in her “wedding night” attire blind folded was hilarious!  Evie’s family is so much of fun!  Here are some pics of the evening.


The pretty bride to be!


Evie’s sis, Kat, showing off her new tattoo!!


4 musketeers


Evie and her sis


The yummy food!


HAHA!  Steph eating off the TV stand, I love it!


Evie’s Cousin, Evie and Evie’s mom

 P9090033 P9090035

Cutting the delicious homemade cheesecake!

P9090036 P9090037

toilet paper bride…

P9090038 P9090040

And the winner is……Evie’s aunt (on right)


Evie’s wedding night attire…


BBQ kit…thought I would make James jealous :)


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