Sunday, September 26, 2010

Annika’s First Official Haircut

She’s definitely the “girlie-girl” her grandma always wanted (she surely didn’t get her girlie ways from me!)  Annika’s favourite things are washing her face, moisturizing her legs, brushing her teeth and getting manicures and pedicures from mommy!  And now to add to the list is going to the “spa” for a haircut.  She was such a little angel, and was so proud to be doing such a “girlie” thing!  Thanks so much Marissa! (Marissa has now cut hair for three generations – my mom, me and now Annika!)


Getting ready…




Getting her hair done with grandma!

P9230102 P9230104

The hair dryer didn’t even freak her out!


Her new do!


Annika and Marissa

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