Windsor weekend

BJAMS had a nice weekend in Windsor….we arrived Friday night and had a visit with friends, Saturday included watched the kids triathlon (that Annika will be participating in next year!), relaxing indoors out of the heat in the afternoon and then Spago’s for diner (one of my favourite Italian restaurants!); and Sunday was the Tecumseh Tri, which unfortunately Annika and I missed because we didn’t have a car to get there, but everyone raced very well, Char was top female age group winner, Sean Bechtel was overall winner and Christine Jeffreys was overall female winner!  LPC had a big contingent racing and all had great races too!  That pretty much wraps up the triathlon season for BJAMS.  Now into new house-mode, and then wedding-mode – Evie’s wedding is coming up quick on Sep 17th and Rob’s wedding Oct 10th!  Looking to be a really great fall and winter for us – especially since we’ll be in our NEW HOME!!!!!!!!

P8140002 P8140003 P8140004

on a walk with uncle down riverside’s walkway


pre-race dinner at Spago’s!

P8140007 P8140009

showing uncle how to do the “Annika smile”


windsor tri3

Thierry and Char

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post-race fun

39788_10150230338650048_667135047_13923484_5270598_n 39851_10150230337720048_667135047_13923407_6398908_n 40278_10150230338300048_667135047_13923456_2371338_n 40283_10150230338405048_667135047_13923464_2165502_n 40381_10150230338155048_667135047_13923444_2678964_n 40406_10150230338515048_667135047_13923473_1136992_n 40861_10150230337760048_667135047_13923410_4767269_n


40948_10150230337945048_667135047_13923427_4378231_n group at riverside


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