Random recent things…

Almost three weeks until our long-awaited move-in!!!  Almost three weeks to go!  We’ve been keeping tabs on the progress of the house and it’s really coming along.  By the end of this week, the brick should all be up and the kitchen and bathroom cupboards should be in.  We’re in the process of finding our last appliances….a fridge and dishwasher….and we have our eye on some really nice ones…just trying to find them within our price range.  Annika loves to look at her new room and is going to help mommy decorate it!

Baby Loaring is kicking and moving away…at times a little uncomfortably…. :)  Here’s a snapshot of what she looks like right now

23 weeks

Baby Jamie is already getting soooo big!  Here are a couple of recent pics..

jamie and mags

Jamie and his buddy Mags

jamie in car seat

Jamie looking sooooo big and handsome!

jamie and his daddy

Jamie and his daddy


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