Perfect season!

Way to go Bad News Bears, we did it!!!!  What an exciting championship game!  Started off a little rusty, but we did our thing and climbed right back and took the win!  We had a big crowd with lots of cheers, so of course we couldn’t let them down!  Already looking forward to next season!


Mommy’s biggest fan!


Dad taught me everything I know about baseball…even how to play with the boys!


Jackie and I – just like old times – we played together about 12 years ago for the Guelph Gators!


David caught the “itch” and is trying out for a Kitchener men’s baseball league next year


More fans! Jenn and her “clan”


Daddy and Annika cheering us on!


Andrew pitching – team coach

 P1050306 P1050318P1050307         P1050320


Bad News Bears – CHAMPIONS!


  1. Thank you Bre for the kind comments. Coach's can only teach if the student or athlete is willing to listen and learn and you always did and had the talent to excel. I never looked at you as girl playing baseball in a boys league, only as a ball player who I never hesitated in playing in any position on the field. Even though opposition players and coaches sometimes looked at you as weak link, they soon came to realize that you were the real deal and could compete with any of them especially in game winning situations. Love Dad


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