4 sleeps!

It’s so close, it’s hard to believe!  During our last “walkthrough” on Friday with the site supervisor, it was hard for me to actually realize that I was walking through “our house.”  Even after the 100+ visits James and I have done over the course of the last 10 months, I’m still trying to visualize our life in the house.  It’s still feels like it’s too good to be true….

The keys are handed to us at 2pm on Thursday…..from that point on I know I will finally feel that it’s “our” house.

Of course our amazingly wonderful family have so graciously offered to help with the move.  We couldn’t do it without them….James and I are not what you would call “handy.”  I try to be, but usually end up with either something broken or something done completely wrong.  I’ve learned my lesson to call my dad before attempting anything that requires measurements or electric tools :D  James is quite happy that I’ve learned this valuable lesson!

So, we anticipate this week to be a little on the chaotic side.  I’ll update as soon as I catch my breath…


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