Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Perfect season!

Way to go Bad News Bears, we did it!!!!  What an exciting championship game!  Started off a little rusty, but we did our thing and climbed right back and took the win!  We had a big crowd with lots of cheers, so of course we couldn’t let them down!  Already looking forward to next season!


Mommy’s biggest fan!


Dad taught me everything I know about baseball…even how to play with the boys!


Jackie and I – just like old times – we played together about 12 years ago for the Guelph Gators!


David caught the “itch” and is trying out for a Kitchener men’s baseball league next year


More fans! Jenn and her “clan”


Daddy and Annika cheering us on!


Andrew pitching – team coach

 P1050306 P1050318P1050307         P1050320


Bad News Bears – CHAMPIONS!

Monday, August 30, 2010

We’re in!!!!!!!

WOW what a whirlwind the past four days have been.  We’re not quite settled yet…that’ll take a few more weeks…but it sure is nice to finally be living here!  We’ve had such incredible help over the past four days – James and I owe my dad & mom, brother & Jenn, Uncle Roy and Nissim a lifetime of thanks!!  They were all breaking their backs lifting and hauling all of our stuff all weekend!  THANK-YOU SO MUCH GUYS!!!!!

Happily, I’m still standing and Little Loaring is still kicking!  Lots of fatigue and a sore back, but nothing that won’t go away in a few days!

Here are some pics of rooms that are almost complete!


 P8290025  P8260019

Over the threshold!


dining room (thanks to my uncle, we have our light fixtures up and our dishwasher and washer dryer working!)


Annika’s breakfast nook






Front door/hall (thanks to my dad, we have almost all of our blinds and drapes up!)


Annika’s and I’s office


Master bedroom


Master bedroom


And….tonight’s the championship game for my ball team!  We’ve had a great season…13 wins 0 losses!  We won our quarters and semis games, and now for the BIG GAME!  Let’s see if we can make it a perfect season!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

4 sleeps!

It’s so close, it’s hard to believe!  During our last “walkthrough” on Friday with the site supervisor, it was hard for me to actually realize that I was walking through “our house.”  Even after the 100+ visits James and I have done over the course of the last 10 months, I’m still trying to visualize our life in the house.  It’s still feels like it’s too good to be true….

The keys are handed to us at 2pm on Thursday…..from that point on I know I will finally feel that it’s “our” house.

Of course our amazingly wonderful family have so graciously offered to help with the move.  We couldn’t do it without them….James and I are not what you would call “handy.”  I try to be, but usually end up with either something broken or something done completely wrong.  I’ve learned my lesson to call my dad before attempting anything that requires measurements or electric tools :D  James is quite happy that I’ve learned this valuable lesson!

So, we anticipate this week to be a little on the chaotic side.  I’ll update as soon as I catch my breath…

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Windsor weekend

BJAMS had a nice weekend in Windsor….we arrived Friday night and had a visit with friends, Saturday included watched the kids triathlon (that Annika will be participating in next year!), relaxing indoors out of the heat in the afternoon and then Spago’s for diner (one of my favourite Italian restaurants!); and Sunday was the Tecumseh Tri, which unfortunately Annika and I missed because we didn’t have a car to get there, but everyone raced very well, Char was top female age group winner, Sean Bechtel was overall winner and Christine Jeffreys was overall female winner!  LPC had a big contingent racing and all had great races too!  That pretty much wraps up the triathlon season for BJAMS.  Now into new house-mode, and then wedding-mode – Evie’s wedding is coming up quick on Sep 17th and Rob’s wedding Oct 10th!  Looking to be a really great fall and winter for us – especially since we’ll be in our NEW HOME!!!!!!!!

P8140002 P8140003 P8140004

on a walk with uncle down riverside’s walkway


pre-race dinner at Spago’s!

P8140007 P8140009

showing uncle how to do the “Annika smile”


windsor tri3

Thierry and Char

36797_10150230338240048_667135047_13923452_2340029_n 36827_10150230337700048_667135047_13923405_7556792_n 

post-race fun

39788_10150230338650048_667135047_13923484_5270598_n 39851_10150230337720048_667135047_13923407_6398908_n 40278_10150230338300048_667135047_13923456_2371338_n 40283_10150230338405048_667135047_13923464_2165502_n 40381_10150230338155048_667135047_13923444_2678964_n 40406_10150230338515048_667135047_13923473_1136992_n 40861_10150230337760048_667135047_13923410_4767269_n


40948_10150230337945048_667135047_13923427_4378231_n group at riverside

Monday, August 9, 2010

Stuff over the past week

While James was celebrating with Rob at his Bachelor weekend in Peterborough, BAM had a good weekend with a visit from auntie Steph and baby Jamie, seeing some donkeys at the donkey sanctuary with grandma and grandpa and also some playtime with uncle David and Jen who were all glammed up for Andrew and Jenelle’s wedding.

 P8070001 P8070003 P8070004 P8070005

Annika loved holding Jamie..can’t wait to see her as a big sister!


Jen and David

P8070011 P8070016 P8070017

Dress-up with mommy’s old baby bathing suit


This is me wearing the same bathing suit at about 10-months-old


Baby Jamie having a snooze on my lap


At the Donkey Sanctuary




And of course I have to add some recent pics of the house….the cupboards are in!!!!


Kitchen island – James can’t wait to have breakfast at his spot!

P8040001 P8040002



Dining room