Canada Day Weekend at the Cottage

What a great long weekend BJAM had!  We drove to Windsor Wednesday afternoon…made some pit-stops in Kitchener and London, and arrived to the cottage safe and sound Wednesday night.  We couldn’t have asked for a better Canada Day…perfect weather and lots of fun outside!  Scott and Nicole stayed over and spent the day, which was really nice as we may not be seeing much of them come the fall…Scott just accepted a job offer in Vancouver Island where he and Nicole will move in September!


Scott, Nicole and Annika


Visit from the neighbours…Annika sitting on Annie’s lap with her two kids Elsa and Sabine (held by Annie’s mom Janette)


Sitting proud in her new red chair


Playing soccer


Annika some how carrying the big blue ball

P6300017 P6300025

Group shot on the trampoline

P6300028 P7010032

Annika’s best-bud for the weekend!


Helping daddy blow up the baloons


Hanging out

  P7010049 P7010051 P7010053 P7010055

Walk to say hi to Randy…


so cute!


Friday was a busy day spent in Windsor, then a visit to Nathan, Kelli, Lennon and Kenadie in Michigan!

 P7020058 P7020059 P7020061 P7020064

34-week pregnant Coleen and Miro

P7020065 P7020066 P7020067 P7020069 P7020072

Lennon and Annika


Kenadie and Kelli



…and Saturday/Sunday were spent doing none other than relaxing and playing back at the cottage…

 P7030086 P7030088 P7030089 P7030094 P7030097 P7030100

Driving her new red car

P7030101 P7030108

showing off her jean diapers!


Swans at the cottage…something that hasn’t been seen in 15+ years


Annika and mommy


Elsa and Annika


Playing with tired Uncle Anthony

P7030125  P7030131 P7030138 P7030140 P7030147 P7030151 P7030152

Walk with mommy in her new cottage stroller


Elena’s Way


Making Grandma Loaring proud

P7030156  P7030167 

Showing off her new fanny pack


Exhausted after a full weekend of fun!

poor mavie



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