The weekend…

After Taylor Milne made history in Guelph, being the first person in Wellington County to run a sub 4-minute mile, Annika finishing her first ever lap around a track with Uncle David, with a sprint to the finish.  She’s definitely her father’s daughter with her love of running…

We just got back from Toronto where Hilary’s shower was held.  James hung out with Rob and the guys while the shower was going on.  Just over four more months until their wedding!

After the shower James and I swung by future shop to pick up a present for someone ; )   and then went to a cute little restaurant across the street.

james. restaurant.

James and I at the cute restaurant


David baby-sitting Mavie and Annie today.

Today was a day of racing, despite the turn in temperature and rainy/windy conditions. James and Rob raced the Guelph Lake 10k run.  Rob was the winner with a PB of 34:30, and James placed 4th, running 35:30, incredibly with minimal running recently.  My bro raced Milton today placing 4th - Sean won, Wolfgang 2nd and Connor 3rd.  I think Guelph Lake Tri is the next one on the schedule, so I’m hoping not to miss that one.

P1050095  P1050099

David finishing / From Left: Sean, Kyle, Connor and David

Tomorrow’s schedule includes work, my Mother’s Day pedicure and baseball in the evening!  Our team has 3 wins and 0 losses – hoping to keep that streak going tomorrow!


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