Cottage weekend and Lilliput Land Preschool

BJAM had a great weekend at the cottage - Lots of playtime with Grampie and running around outside in the hot and humid weather.

grampie and annie through trampoline

Looking through the trampoline with Grampie

grampie and annie at kingsville park

Playing at the big playground in Kingsville

mavie at riverside pool

Mavie getting ready for his big jump into the pool

Annika’s preschool (Lilliput Land – which is the preschool I went to as a youngster) had an open house on Monday, so she got to test out some of the toys and meet some of her future friends.  She’s enrolled to start October 2010.  She’s such a big girl and can’t wait to start going to school!!

running at lilliput annie and jenna at lilliput  daddy and annika running at Liliput  gym at lilliput2 lilliput gym lilliput gym3 meeting a boy at lilliput new friend


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