Great weekend!

What an awesome weekend we’ve had!  Our very good friends Miro and Coleen came for a weekend visit.  Miro officially became a licensed pilot last year, and is currently in the process of upgrading and is considering the possibility of becoming a commercial pilot in the future.  He comes this way to get his training hours in at the Kitchener/Waterloo International Airport.  He got some flying in Friday but unfortunately was not so lucky Saturday with a storm that came through.  While Miro spent his time at the airport doing paperwork on Saturday, Coleen and I went up to Listowel to the all-famous Listowel yarn outlet “Spinrite”.  We got some great deals on a bunch of yarn, so I think we’re set for awhile; but I intend on going back up there when they have their annual tent sale to stock up for the next five years!  I have Coleen to thank for getting me hooked to the crocheting world…I always pictured it as a grandma thing, but it’s totally not!  It’s something to do in your spare time that is relaxing, and as tedious as some think it may be, it’s so rewarding when you have a finished product!

On the way back from Listowel, while getting a little lost in Mennonite country, we found our way to St. Jacob’s Market.  I forgot how amazing this market is, and I plan, now, to try to make a monthly trip there.  It’s not a good idea to go there hungry!

We got back, relaxed for the afternoon (Coleen did some last minute studying for her Pharmacy School interview, which she has today.  She has about a 50% chance of being accepted…I know she’ll get it!), then went to Moxie’s for dinner and rented Sherlock Holmes.  It was Annika’s bedtime when we got home, and Miro got some diaper changing practice in!


Today, when James gets back from coaching at the OAT Training day, we’re gonna spend the afternoon outside with Annika and Mavie, if the rain holds out.  Love this warm spring weather we’re getting!

So that sums up the weekend in a nutshell.  I love weekends like this!  No work, no schedule, no stress, just leisure and relaxation!

Can’t believe May is here already….it’s a busy busy month ahead.…Brennan’s birthday party, Steph’s baby shower, race for James in Tobago, and our big move/storage, plus our 2nd Year Anniversary!





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