We did it!!!!!!!!!!  Officially completed our temporary move into my parent’s basement apartment, thanks to the Hercules's hours and work James put in…and my brother’s and Karsten’s muscles on Saturday morning, we got the move done in great time!   We have the keys to our townhouse until Sunday night at 11:59.  I still can’t believe we’ll never able to step foot in that house again….it feels like I’ve never moved before….which I have, but I guess as a kid you don’t see the sentimental side of things as much.  It does feel really great to know that our move is complete, we’re pretty much settled for now, Annika has transitioned amazingly well and now it’s just the waiting game.

The framing on our new house is almost complete.  The roof is now on, and we’re just waiting for the staircase to go up so that we can sneak a peak at the upstairs!  Will post pics soon.

James raced in Tobago this morning.  He placed second behind Jason (forget his last name, but super fit triathlete).  Apparently the conditions weren’t the best…there was a torrential downpour before the race start, flooding many of the roads, but the race organizers did their thing, and after a 2 hour delay, the race began.  Hoping to post some pics when James is back.

Monday is James and I’s 2-year anniversary that we’ll be celebrating after his flight home at a restaurant somewhere in or around Toronto.  I can’t say it enough….but time is flying ridiculously fast….


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