Calm before the storm…

What another great weekend for BJAM!  James had his annual “Guys day” on Saturday that always includes an “epic” mountain bike ride, a big feast for lunch and something low key in the afternoon to get ready for the craziness of the evening….I escaped the mayhem that got to our house in the afternoon and took Annika and Mavie to my parents to sleep in piece :)  Rob Currie and I had lots of fun in the morning with Annika and his nephew Hayden.  Annika loved Hayden’s company and couldn’t have been more content being right next to him the entire day.


Daddy wasn’t impressed with Annika’s flirty behaviour :)

 IMG_4891 IMG_4896

Annika’s new buddy

Sunday was Steph’s Baby Shower and it went very well!  Jamie got a lot of super cute new outfits and lots of great newborn essentials.  Less than two months now until we get to meet the little guy, I can’t wait!!!

David (my bro) had an awesome race at the Disney Half Ironman on Sunday.  He placed 10th out of a tough pro field, and is super happy with his result.  He averaged 42km on the bike and had a solid run afterward despite the high humidity.  My parents were there cheering him on and I was receiving minute-by-minute updates on the phone :)  I’m really looking forward to the race season this year.  James has a few “interesting” races that he’s considering, which will make for a fun summer!

Only a few days left until we’re out….it’s bitter sweet to be honest….this was James and I’s first house together :(  But we’re moving on to bigger and better things.  I couldn’t be more happy with life right now.  It sure does feel great to work so hard to get what you’ve always wanted.  I would have never have thought that I would have the house of my dreams, the family of my dreams and the life of my dreams by the age of 27!

So, the calm before the storm is what’s happening at this moment….this weekend will be the busiest weekend of the year, if not of my life…It’s so great to have my parents around the corner.  I have no idea how I would get through a moving weekend with a baby and dog without their help!  The organization of everything is going to be more of a stress than the packing, as we have to store most of our stuff for three months, so I have to think three months ahead and figure out what we need!!!  Wish us luck :D

I’ll be posting again when the “storm” is over to let you know how relieved I am that it’s all over….at least for the next three months!


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